trated in figure 2, include the National Command. Authorities (NCA) and JOPES Volume I also provides specific formats and checklists used. Cjcsm a Jopes Vol 2 – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. a Jopes Vol 2 -. [PDF Document] – cjcsm. 03a 31 december. joint operation planning and execution system volume ii.

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vll Who will each MAJCOM and NGB direct to ensure all wing commanders and geographically separated units GSU have evacuation plans and tracking procedures in place to account for all personnel in the event of a natural disaster or national emergency?

Global Force Management GFM is a process to align force apportionment, assignment, and allocation methodologies in support of the defense strategy and jopws support of joint force availability requirements. What happens to a UTC when it is no longer needed? Accountability is first and foremost a command responsibility.

During deployment and vl operations, the supported commander must build and validate requirements, determine predeployment standards, and balance and regulate the transportation flow. Obtain guidance for protecting such information from current security directives. Types of Restricted Access.

Joint Operation Planning and Execution System Vol. 1 | Public Intelligence

The air expeditionary squadron is the basic war fighting organization of the Air Force and is the building block of the AETF. Where are new UTC requests created? In these cases, the supported commander must ensure that all required actions from each CAP phase are completed whenever possible.

What does the four-month baseline AEF vulnerability period facilitate? What is an A-UTC? These unit type codes are aligned in. Outline the information to be either disclosed to, released to or received from foreign entities and the planned approach, including safe guarding steps to be taken. The wing and installation commander is responsible for ensuring the installation is capable of supporting deployment operations. Airmen are joes to unit manpower document UMD authorizations that are postured in unit type codes.


The guard is a unique institution with both federal and state missions. UTCs are built to accommodate how many days of sustained capability? This document describes in detail the activities to be conducted in each CAP phase. The MPS inputs projected separation on records identified as activated and 2.

War planners use UTCs to document total Air Jlpes manpower and logistics requirements needed to support the national military strategy during operational planning and execution activities. Unifed action refers to the synchronization, coordination, and integration of the activities of governmental and nongovernmental entities with military operations to achieve unity of effort.

Personnel planners are responsible for ensuring sufficient personnel support for contingency operation teams PT and equipment are scheduled with what team? It is used by the joint planners to monitor, plan, and execute planning activities during peace and crisis. Define total force accountability.

JOPES is applicable across the operational continuum of peace and war. AHQ provides the capability to precisely select the information you wish to extract from the database.

Restricted access administrative policies designed to jopee the level of planning security required by a supported command are explained in the following paragraphs. The air expeditionary group is normally the smallest AETF presented to a mopes because a single AEG rarely includes sufficient command and control and expeditionary combat support jkpes sustain it in the field. This chapter describes the interrelationships of the associated national-level systems for national security policy, military strategy, force and sustainment requirements, and plans and their impact on the joint planning process.

Outline specific Foreign Data Sharing requirements, including overall foreign data sharing approach. Then AHQ lets you send the output into a display, report, or file.

You may also click on the card displayed in any of the three boxes to bring that card back to the center. What do war planners use UTCs to document? List some items that are vital to understand about the AEF doctrine. Capabilities of the Restricted Jopse System a.

Allows users at different sites to access common data sources, as opposed to identical data. Options include one or a combination of the following: What is the formula that tells how many personnel technicians service how many individuals? In order for joint doctrine to promote a perspective that is used to plan, train, and conduct military operations, it represents what is taught, believed, and advocated as what is right that is, what works best.


The component command personnel planner determines the PT requirements at each location based on a variety of factors. In order to demobilize a member, demobilization orders are not required. When deactivation is directed, the servicing MPS is responsible for what actions?

UTCs are jlpes built to accommodate 30days of sustained capability before having to be augmented with new supplies or personnel.

Free Military Flashcards about 3S vol 2

Who determines the frequency and scope of exercises based on what is necessary to ensure the deployment process runs efficiently and that all units, including Associate units, are prepared to deploy? Plans and Requirements A5.

Tempo bands and vlo forces contain both active component and ARC forces. Name the guidelines that will help determine when a UTC must be developed. Activation relates to recall, volunteerism, and call up. Give a description of the air expeditionary squadron.

Pass complete!

Since this is a registration action, it must be coordinated with vool commands that are using the UTC. Which agency determines which organizations will posture the required UTCs and the quantity?

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Air and space expeditionary force AEF. Crisis Action Planning Procedures. UTCs are represented by a 5-character alphanumeric code.