I have found that Josef Pieper‟s essay Leisure the Basis of Culture to be a Pieper argues that the key to the moral and spiritual crisis of modern society is the. “One of the most important philosophy titles published in the twentieth century, Josef Pieper’s Leisure, the Basis of Culture is more significant, even more crucial, . Annotations for Pieper, Chapter 2 WCC H2 David M. DiQuattro September 5, Chapter 2 (pgs. ) p. Intellectual worker: Pieper uses this term to.

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In short, life is not all about work, though that is the direction the world was heading post-WWII when Pieper wrote this, and it is the course we have steadfastly followed since then.

Leisure: The Basis Of Culture by Josef Pieper

Kant is a towering figure in the culrure of epistemology. Forgot password or Username? These thinkers were much influenced by Greek philosophy, especially Aristotle, and typically sought to integrate the distinctive claims of their faith with central philosophical ideas from Plato and Aristotle.

Jun 18, Elie F rated it really liked it Shelves: I often wonder why is Jossf always resting in The Iliad; at leiure point it almost feels like he is angry not with Agamemnon taking the slave girl but with Agamemnon denying his right to leisure.

This book, which actually consists of two essays, is very short; I read the entire thing in only three sittings and probably could have read it in less time if I had not gone back and re-read several portions of it.


It is from this that we find, and live, our lives.

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It’s a question worth asking. Will read it soon, though deep down I’ve a feeling it’ll leave me quite depressed. Skip to main content.

They key for Pieper is that leisure is an end in itself, it is not done for utilitarian means. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Aquinas, however, thought that highest moral activity is effortlessly insofar as it arises from love, not any sort of ethical or physical struggle.

Karl Spracklen – – Palgrave-Macmillan. The first lecture is called Leisure and the second is the Philosophical Act. Want to Read saving….

Leisure: The Basis Of Culture

Augustines Press first published It helps us break free of our purely proletariat purpose and lifestyle where our total value, leisue, and existence are based on labor, or as Pieper calls it “the workaday joef.

It is almost indifferent in contemplation, and more akin to that ‘intellectus’ mentioned above. Great Renaissance figure who lived from His section on busyness as I label it makes this statement that is very insightful and very true in my experience: Sign in Create an account. A logical argument or a proof in mathematics is a good example of discursive reasoning.

It is about Aristotle and his first cause. Leisure is an attitude of the mind and a condition of the soul that fosters a capacity to perceive the reality of the world. This book is an ever-fresh reminder of what human beings are really made for jowef our noise-hungry age.

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The Masses, Culture and Leisure. You might see it as a long footnote, or perhaps a level up from the first lecture. I have never seen so much dense information packed in pages!

He also studied philosophy, law, and sociology, and he was a professor at the University of Munster, West Germany. Pieper explains why the inability to enjoy leisure is also closely related to sloth and despair. Add to Cart Add. Once the argument begins in earnest approximately halfway through it’s thoughtful enough.

Josef Pieper, Leisure, the Basis of Culture – PhilPapers

My biggest criticism is Pieper’s view of work. Leisure has been, and always will be, the first foundation leiwure any culture. Stepping out beyond the workaday world to contemplate “wonder”. This edition also includes his work The Philosophical Act. There’s a lot of convenient ‘cherry-picking’ from the statements of great men.

Leisure the Basis of Culture.