Posts about Jyotish Digest Subscriptions written by Sanjay Rath. Vedic Astrology – SJC and other workshops and conferences, pictures related to astrology. Open sharing of all content in this group. This article is an attempt to provide deeper understanding of Jyotish through the monumental classic Jataka Parijata, by the author Vaidyanatha Dikshita.

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For example, the solar ingress into Aries resulting in the digesr of the Aries Month in western astrology is March Perhaps the first step in Vedic Astrology is to discard the idea that it is some kind of a superstition. She has developed utmost patience and servitude in her life.

These signs are fixed unlike that used in the western astrology although the names and other significations, nature etc are similar to that used in Western astrology. It is said that Kabir,the mystic poet stayed here when he visited Puri. Sun is an indicator of dharma Natural Law principle. This Matha is responsible for supply of the materials for certain rituals.

Similarly, if Atmakaraka is favorable, other karakas cannot predominate with their malefic influences. Shani is placed in dharmamsa Mithun Navamsa. It is evident in all cases, that Atmakaraka has created disturbances in all matters signified by its placement.

With six or more bindus in their own Astak Vargas and more than 32 bindus in Sarva — Astakvarga. However the fifth, Akash Tatwa loosely called Sky pervades all the signs and represents Vishnu Who pervades everything although not visible to mortal eyes. Some of his personal belongings have been preserved in this Matha.

These planets have acquired requisite Shad-Bala and Vimshopak strength. Atmakaraka Mangal is in neecha in 12th house deepest debilitation degreeand in Mangal mahadasha she. Connected with certain rituals of the temple of Jagannath,there are four Ashrams hermitages in Puri town.


Any affliction to the Fifth and eleventh house axis may cause heart disease. Both Rahu and Hershel rule over Electricity and are the co-rulers of sign Aquarius. It is so to say the pleasure garden of Lord Jagannath. The difficulties met by this person and the responsibilities in domestic life were huge. Thus 9th house may promote growth of the whole body but at the cost of heart.

Back There are naturally two grahas that are called Atmakaraka in the chart. The second pump on the left recovers purified blood back from the lungs and fills the left ventricle of the heart and then pumps the blood to the body. Raju, along with his partner, floated a Public Limited Company for this purpose as suggested to him spending over 6 lakh rupees for registration of the company with the government under the relevant rules.

It supplies a part of the Hati besha. The ninth house is for growth and 11th house for recovery.

The Jyotish Digest

Otherwise, Guru and Mangal combination in 7th house should be conducive to an early householders life. The second important significator of the heart is the Lord of fourth house. This similarity of every fourth is called the Quadruplicity of the sign. Significators for the disease of heart negative factors a The sun: The odd numbered signs as reckoned from Aries are the Male or Odd signs while the even numbered signs are Female or Even signs.

This angle is mathematically represented as:. Atmakaraka Mangal in the 4th house has given the most terrible experiences in 4th house affairs — viz. If these are afflicted, they would certainly diget disease even if heart Muscle and its function both are in healthy condition.

The head of this Matha also known as Sankaracharya is the permanent head nayak of the Muktimandap of the Sri Jagannath temple by virtue of his position. Case three Atmakaraka Shani is placed in 4th house and the person had to renounce a part of his own property for the digesh of his elder sister.


The ancients called these the Fire triplicity Aries, Leo and Sagittariusbecause there are three zodiac signs for each element. On the ninth day of the bright fortnight of Sravana,the Nrusimha deity of the Sri Jagannath temple pays a visit in a ceremonial manner to these four Ashrams.

Sanjay Rath’s hard to digest Jyotish dealings

Vijay Deep’s official police complaint against Sanjay Rath and his father scans of original documents filed with New Delhi Police – Economics Offences Wing, diget on thumbnails to see full size page: The fifth house either help in the growth and well being of the heart or if fifth house is afflicted it promotes the disease of the heart.

Rath father of Sanjay Rath and Sanjay Rath himself. While the scholars are still divided in opinion whether to use seven or eight charakarak scheme, Parasara and Jaimini are clear in their preference to the latter. It is associated with the memory of Guru Nanak. This is the house of fulfilment of desire, which has a strong bearing both on mind and Intellect.

This is the moment when the sun and moon form the exact same angle that they did at the time of our birth annually. He is still unmarried and his spiritualism and digesst way of living are very pronounced so far.

Jyotish Digest April 2009

Simultaneously, fourth Bhava and Cancer Rashi are occupied or aspected by benefics or by their own Lords. For that reason, a person will suffer most while given the opportunity to progress most through the instrument of Atmakaraka power.

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