Editorial Reviews. From the Author. I was working on a full length romance about werewolves, . I found a new author and her name is Kinsey W. Holley! Can you . Brotherly love? Oh hell no A Sexy Shifter story. On the surface, court reporter Lark Manning looks like the luckiest girl in the world, blessed with great friends. Kiss and Kin by Kinsey Holley and Kin Author: Kinsey Holley Holley takes a different road with her ancillary characters, and I appreciate it.

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On the surface, court reporter Lark Manning looks like the luckiest girl d.holley the world, blessed kise great friends and a wonderful family. Series by Kinsey W.

When Lark becomes in danger after inadvertently becoming involved in one of Taran’s police investigations he must protect her and his own heart. Taran LloydLark Manning. I loved the w.bolley in which they make love for the first time, partly from fear, partly from adrenaline, partly kiws a consuming desire.

Okay, yeah, it could have been any profession mentioned and it still would have made the same impact, which was hardly any at all in the grand scheme of things. This is a cute and sexy read. The book opens as Talen is undercover looking for missin I bought this as an ebook and enjoyed the story. Lovely amount of story left to tell and I sincerel If you want to read a nice hot book about a sexy alpha this is exactly for you. The big fight between Lark and Taran was childish and pointless.


Open Preview See a Problem?

Taran automatically considered any guy with Lark slimy. Taran knows that Lark is his mate, he had not planned to act on it unless it seemed like there was a hint of the feeling being returned.

I love ajd good shifter romance especially a good werewolf romance. Charity Costa Aka Bewitching Bella I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. The Alpha Male Taran is red hot and Lark is a lil bratty but you love her for it. Which is kinda sad since the universe had potential.

Sep 30, So I wish Ms. Kinsey Holley has read. Lark is a human who is related to Werewolf Detective Talen. He does kindey down and call Lark leaving her a great voicemail which helps the situation greatly jin she calls him back also leaving a voicemail but at least they’re talking. Mar 22, The character’s were very one dimensional and the conflict was extremely forced.

The story was good and was a quick read. Lark inspected ,insey reflection in her antique full-length mirror.

Werewolves in Love Series

Lark and Taran get annd together in a traumatic way when Lark is almost kidnapped by some werewolves that are stealing women to sell in to sexual slavery. The Werewolf lore in the book I felt could have been more elaborated on as Talen was an Alpha but under Nick who was Alpha for the knsey. But I’ll let you make the call on that one. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

There’s a lot left unexplained at the end and some of the transitions were head-spinningly fast. Parts of it I found confusing. Definitely an enjoyable, quick read but would have loved a bit more conflict to make it interesting.


Detective Taran Lloyd yawned with boredom as he stood by the bar and observed the patrons of Le Monde on a typical Saturday night. Dream about someone in your league-like George Clooney, maybe. View more on Kinsey W. I was a little disappointed in kinxey eventual villain. But keeping her safe means keeping her close.

Kinsey W. Holley (Author of Kiss and Kin)

Lark is somewhat related to Taran, a Houston PD detective, not by blood but by marriage. She has a crush on the Duke of Wellington.

Dressed in a purple lace bra, boyshorts and four-inch stilettos, she struck a little pose. He rolled her nipple between two fingers and she sighed, reaching back to run her fingers through his dark gold hair. Their gazes met in the mirror, the only way she could maintain eye contact with him. I loved their intense chemistry! The baddie was kinda predictable, but, hey, the sex was smokin’. I guessed what was going to happen within twenty pages and then I was just rolling my eyes for the rest.

I didn’t feel like anything was missing or it was rushed, the author did a very good job with it. Based on the reviews on GR I was expecting a good read. Originally I went in with this one because it was listed as taboo.