Sure that the dropouts broke due to no using of torque arms but also the KU controller delivers 30A (~W) to the motor which is a LOT!!. I received a spare controller for it today. It is 36v w and internally it looks almost exactly like a KU The difference being that this one has. I have redesigned the KU63 motor controller from BMSbattery. Here is the circuit: Don’t use the image above, download the circuit high.

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I bought two brushed DC controllers by mistake.

I can live with the PAS start, it’s mainly going to be used for testing. Once they get spinning they don’t really want to stop.

Become a member to follow this project and never miss any updates Become a member. So how close is it? And another way to control that I am trying with my OpenSource firmware, that is even more advanced than sinewave, gives even much more noise, takes much more current and increases much more the power supply voltage!!

So I figured I’d wire up Geo’s brake line. Deleted member Guest Dec 29, So it would normally read 5v. So, some quick soldering in both and we can start testing From the last entry, it only took 6 more wires – PWM and commutator control lines – to test whether or not I could make the motor move.

I needed to rebuild the motorized base; I needed it to use more powerful motors than I’d been able to find as brushed DC motors; I knew that hoverboards existed and were able to move a person.


KU63 controller circuit board connections | Pedelecs – Electric Bike Community

I can drive Dalek Bob reasonably well. Its partner will be a black ground The red wire near where the battery comes in will be the 36v to the panel.

If you use an in-line hall sensor or similar, the signal goes to SL and the other two are 5v and 0v. Some are more fancy them others, but they are still Speed controllers. Dave, thanks for all the effort you’ve put congroller checking your own controllers. I figured I should at least try to get the remote contrlller up and running; I was pretty close last year! Try Home on site go to solar bike scroll down to electronics you will see ku 63 click on it.

LIGeek is organized by the same folks; they reached back out to ask if I’d be part of a panel on building these things. And does it work backwards? Last edited by KingQueenWong on Jun 02 1: I am being using the donations to buy needed congroller for my developments.

You see, these wheels and the base they’re attached to have a lot of intertia. Finally I just run the printf example I found on github. And the kku63 length is the amount of time that sensor stays active, so it’s inversely proportional to the speed. From memory, the throttle signal wire is on the end, not the middle. Miuan’s suggestion is a good one, cpntroller snip one of the shunt wires assuming there are 2. Why not run the motors backward? I’d forgotten that when it was last fitted to the bike that the throttle wouldn’t work without the pas turning first, so I’ll have to rig something up to test that.


Endless Sphere – Development version

The difference being that this one has two pink wires that can be joined. It’s a deceptively simple system, really. I did commit the code to: About Us Contact Hackaday. Conttoller I did wander across a reverse engineered ku63 controllerwhich is certainly along the same lines. So after reverse engineering my reverse engineering work to remember where the heck I controoller it all off, I started building: I had no idea.

I should mention that the original loom was a complete sealed unit, which commoned many of the wires in a single cable to reduce the clutter running to the front of the bike for the panel, throttle, and brakes. Here’w what you need: Halfords Group to stock Brompton Started by: The problem is that there’s several inputs to the CPU around the PCB, and the programmer can use any of them for anything.

The con is done and won’t be coming back, so I’ve left this one rotting in storage.