Miniature Pressure Transducer With Integrated Temperature Sensor. This transducer is well suited for both dynamic and static pressure. Advanced Technology for Advanced Performance. A brilliantly progressive.

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Aircraft pressure transducer data sheet

The pressure header assembly portion also contains extending tabs which have apertures for external mounting. Piezoresistive sensors have achieved widespread use as pressure or force measuring devices. In this manner, as will be described, one of the sensors contained in the header assembly 30 will produce an output which is the difference of pressure between P R and P d.

The mating of the first and second thread stops are configured to maintain at least a portion of the pre-loading tension. Such connection also forms a tight fluid impervious seal. The header further defines an outer portion in communication with the interior cavity; the outer portion includes a plurality of through bores in communication with an exterior portion of the header for insertion of header pins through the header.

In certain example implementations, the platinum header pins are configured for electrical communication with corresponding electrodes of a leadless transducer element. Intelligent line pressure probe.

Also shown is the reference tube 31 directed into the aperture 62 associated with the header Such environments include very harsh environments such as monitoring pressure in automotive internal combustion engines, aircraft engines as well pressjre in other environments which are subjected to transxucer high pressures and high temperatures.

Combination static and dynamic pressure transducer employing a micro-filter. The reason for two separate dies is that the pressure P Predsure may be a very large pressure as compared to P d or vice versa. The microprocessor has a separate memory coupled thereto which is also fabricated from SOI, silicon carbide, or gallium nitride materials and which memory stores various data indicative of the microprocessor also enabling the microprocessor test and system test to be performed.


The sensor assembly may transducsr include a sensing optical fiber in communication with the first EFPI; a reference optical fiber in communication with the second EFPI; and a glass header configured to support the sensing optical fiber and the reference optical fiber.

The opening or input applies the differential pressure to the back of a deflecting diaphragm associated with the differential wafer die while the front of the diaphragm receives the absolute or reference pressure.

This will result in an imbalance in the Wheatstone bridge which imbalance is proportional to pressure measured. The assembly of claim 12, where in said other circuit comprises first and second resistors coupled in series. Melt Pressure Transducers in Mumbai. FYI, aluminum foil didn’t do it, either. In this manner, both sensors presxure very closely matched both thermally and otherwise.

Kulite ETL GTS 312 Pressure Transducer

The aperture 45 also contains the crush nut Call Send a quick message. During this process, the metal frit and the cover wafer glass melts and creates low resistance electrical connection between the header pins and the metal contact pads on the sensor chips.

Combined absolute differential transducer. The header assembly can include a header portion having a first side and a second side, the header portion including one or more bores extending through the header portion from the first side to the second side. Certain implementations of the disclosed technology include systems and methods for providing header assemblies for use with pressure sensors in high-temperature environments.

In the first layer of Kapton there are apertures congruent with protrusions extending through the first piece of Pyrex Most Active Hardware Boards: The apparatus according to embodiments of the present invention would allow two less transducers per engine and result in a reduced interface piece per count at a reduced weight and lower cost.


The sensor module includes a diaphragm having a first side and a second side.

Transduver in Touch with us Horizon. United States Patent The header 55 accommodates the pins as well as the reference tube and serves to insulate the semiconductor dies from the environment. Again referring to FIG. Find more suppliers in Secunderabad Transducers in Secunderabad. The apparatus of claim 18, further comprising a connection layer interposed between said wafer and said flatpack, said connection layer including a conductive layer sandwiched between two other layers, wherein at least one of said other layers includes a plurality of apertures adapted to enable said conductive layer to be prfssure coupled to said first and second circuits.

The device includes an electronic switching circuit in communication with the sensor, the current limiting circuit, and the output switching circuit. The lock nut 32 has a flange at one end coextensive with a shaft which prexsure is directed into the aperture 45 formed within the pressure header housing section 10 FIG.

Noise with Kulite Pressure Sensor on NI USB – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Shell enclosure member 25 contains the terminal tranwducer 26 as well as the contact areas. In this case, the pressure in front of the filter and the differential pressure across the filter indicate whether the filter is clean or clogged. The differential pressure port 38 is shown therein.

The weld gap region is configured to have a predetermined gap distance such that the weld seals the transducer without stress in the weld. The resulting device has a number of unanticipated advantages.