Does the points cost for UM Terminus Ultra already include it’s weapons all those lascannons to a normal Land Raider would theoretically be. UNIT: 1 Terminus Ultra pattern Land Raider. WEAPON RANGE STR AP SPECIAL Lascannon 48″ 9 2 Heavy 1. TYPE: Tank. ARMOUR SPECIAL RULES. The Land Raider Terminus Ultra is a rare configuration of the standard Land Raider given over to power generation and regulation, the Terminus Ultra can still.

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Decides to say “Fuck that shit” regarding transporting and seeks to become the most destructive linebreaker around, trying to eclipse even the dreaded Leman Russ Raideg and Vindicator.

Too damned high for the cost. The Terminus Ultra, with its total of eight Lascannons, can fire a utra salvo that is capable of crippling super-heavy tanks such as the Banebladedisabling Chaos Titansand even out-right destroying Ork Gargants.

Cultists – Pestigors – Plague Zombie – Poxwalkers. So yeah it’s with base equipment. The Yang to the Ares’s Yin, and the second of the ” fuck transporting! The Solemnus Aggressor is born.

Knight Paladin – 24 PL, just over points. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Terminus Ultra – 30 PL, over points. It would seem that stupidity is as eternal as war.

Land Raider Terminus Ultra | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Deepstriking teleporting Land Raiders full of golden demigods? Of course they were discarded by the community in short order. This subreddit for anything and everything related to Warhammer 40k.


But ultimately I think a knight will be more fun to model, especially if Chaos. I had thoughts about assigning Rule to command a Terminus as well but unfortunately RAW it is not on the list of vehicles that the “Spear of Macragge” can command.

Warhammer40k submitted 1 year ago by ZackMAN Kenneth Raymond July 7, at 8: Essentially, 8 barrels of Hell. Not that much of a bargain, but the prices are close enough to make me think they wanted the Terminus Ultra to be pts, not pts.


The power rating is consistent with Terminus Ultras costing around points to actually field. Ah that makes more sense now. As of Chapter Approvedthe Terminus Ultra is now available to chapters other than Ultramarines as well – but only in open play! Seriously, 16 guns on almost rulea sides. Not bad, does its job fairly well.

Land Raider Terminus Ultra

Of course, using it to ferry a few Havocs or Chosen to where they need to be is a good idea as well. This is of course assuming it rkles killed in one turn like most vehicles do in the current meta when they draw the ire of the nearest D-strength weapon.


The new rules cover only the Land Raider, and if anything are the other extreme of the scale. Sign In Don’t have an account? And, Chaos gets to put on a pintle-mounted Havoc Launcher on top so do loyal space marines as well if used in Horus Heresy and time span after that.

Terminus ultra pattern land raider rules – Wargaming Forum and Wargamer Forums

He is the most versatile raidwr the group as well, and able to mix it up. Seems pretty unambiguous really: AV14 all around makes it a tough nut to crack without dedicated anti-armor weapons, and the Land Raider still is likely to survive the opening salvo, especially if it has extra armor.

It’s usually a bit more valuable to Chaos than it is to the Loyalists as a result.

You could make super-heavies, flyers, new weapons and pretty much anything else you wanted. Terminus Ultra – for just an additional 3 PL, you could include Chronus on this tank. DO NOT post point values for weapons and upgrades in your army lists, only ladn total point value of the unit. Believe in the Dakka who believes in you!