A stunning saga of courage and destiny in a legendary time of chaos and kingsHe was born to greatness, the son of a druid bard and a princess of lost Atlanti. Merlin (The Pendragon Cycle, Book 2) [Stephen R. Lawhead] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A stunning saga of courage and destiny in. The Pendragon Cycle (6 Book Series) by Stephen R. Lawhead. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: A magnificent epic of cataclysmic upheaval and heroic.

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Depois do quarto livro, Pendragon, e do final misterioso e um tanto atordoador, fiquei num ,awhead entre a leitura desse e deste, Graal. Gwalchavad was a great person to hear the story from especially with Morgian’s veiw sporatically added in.

The Pendragon Cycle

The narrator did a good job even though I did not like his voice at the start. Whether or not Lawhead fully realized this theological implication and I doubt he did he masterfully brought out the tensions in both and thus, ironically, harmonized them.

I found the style of writing engaging and the lawhdad was great. Lawhead’s is a strongly Celtic Christian orientation and lawhrad that the first book, Taliesin, was published infour years after The Mists of Avalon, I can’t but wonder if his series wasn’t in some sense a Christian “answer” to Bradley’s pro-pagan, anti-Christian I just finished mostly on audiobook the five-book Pendragon series by Stephen Lawhead.

When treachery follows, Arthur’s warriors brave the Wasteland of Lyonesse to retrieve the sacred relic. One civilization is destroyed by astronomical fire and lawgead life is brought to another civilization as a result. Not my favorite Lawhead book. This idea, as I mentioned in my review of Taliesinis much like what Tolkien, Lewis, and MacDonald wrote about when they gave respect to pagan mythologies.

But I am done with this series. This second book in the series takes us from Merlin’s childhood to his saving baby Arthur I don’t think that’s a spoilerdon’t we all know he did that? Lawhead’s characterization has all the subtlety and nuance of a brick thrown through a window, his ‘conflicts’ tend towards the idiotic, and his message is like a bright pink neon sign – glaringly obvious and bordering on offensive. Arthur is made Duke and Battlechief of Britain after drawing the sword of Maximus from a stone, but must fight back the Saecsens and barbarian invaders and unite the peoples of Britain before he can be accepted as High King.


The story is about beauty of the soul. Very dark, compared to Lawhead’s other Celtic-themed books.

Book Review: “Merlin” by Stephen Lawhead – The Warden’s Walk

Trivia About Merlin The Pendr No Reviews are Available. You can count the number of interactions between the two on one hand – Charis sees him singing 1he sees her at a feast 2he comes across her bathing after following her around all day 3and then they meet up at some old ruins 4. This is boring and inauthentic. It takes place in the midst of events of the third book, Arthur. I’ve enjoyed it the second time around.

In fact, if Gereint was real, and I wasn’t already married, I would totally want to marry him. I don’t remember that, so I want to read it yet again, which makes it a 5 on my criteria scale. He experiences a doomed romance with Princess Ganieda and long years of madness as a wild man of the woods before finding his destiny. Now I have to check out the T. As the cover so coyly tells us, there is a love story coming, and we the readers are left with a surprising amount of tension as we are attempting to figure out how, exactly, these Two stars is a bit harsh for this book, as Lawhead deftly weaves together two separate storylines for much of the book.

While it is a fantasy tale, there are some genres like the Arthurian legends, where are you taking a risk by deviating well accepted norms within the genre. This was not it. Lawhead took it to the point where it felt very preachy to me.

I can understand his vague connection to Arthurian literature, but let’s face it, it’s not like he’s Merlin.

The grail heals an injured Arthur and many other people, but it is stolen by Morgaws and Llenleawg Lancelot and the Cymbrogi Arthur’s men must find it. This site uses cookies. Though Galahad is very bold to argue with an angel the way he did.


View all 4 comments. After two pages the writing seemed solid enough. Other books in the series. View all 4 comments.

Yes, of course the Arthur cycle is part of European christian heritage – but Merlin is ALWAYS the link back to the pagan past, the holder of the magic of ancient knowledge and the oral tradition that stretches back before the christians and laqhead the Romans. Barron and Rosemary Sutcliff books you mentioned: Grail was such a good book and such a good fanale to a brilliant book series.

Insbesondere Charis, die weibliche Protagonistin macht eine immense Entwicklung durch. First, he makes Merlin a christian and a missionary. And I don’t recall the post-“Grail” timeline portion of “Arthur” including any mention of his betrayal.

While it is a great story, msrlin series as a whole still feels unfinished. Son of the great Taliesin, the song of his father coursed through his soul. It is specially true to Arthur, who merrlin a flawless semi-god in the previous books, but now he has to regrets some of his reckless decisons and has to deal w Second best book in the Pendragon cycle.

This was quite an engaging read. Thanks for telling us about the problem. His writing reflects the oddity of the many Arthurian source texts – Merlin is always problematic, the hugely variable character of Arthur, Guinevere’s jerlin and actions,etc. Nach einigen Seiten legt sich dies jedoch. He’s raised up and trained as a laehead and a bard, but after one weird vision effortlessly converts to Christianity, at which point he ceases to be a character and becomes a Gary Stu and cipher for Mr.

But his heart and calling were greater than a warrior’s.