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More items related to this product. Next is a picture of the interior.

LEGO Pirate Building Set (6192)

A well spend order IMO. Only problems are that the flag falls off often and the chest has trouble closing properly sometimes. Good for the younger Lego builder My four year old found this on the edge of his abilities but with a little help managed to build it. I need to come to the Pirate forum more. Does not look like much of a present for the money. Mast and Flag Seems Lego forgot to add a skull onto the sail, good thing it has a nice black flag to warn everyone of the potential threat instead.

Bricks and more Set Number: Show More Show Less. I love it just for the pirate torso. I got this set and am very impressed by it, Everyone I showed it to thinks it looks cool. Great review – it’s different from the two other reviews I’ve seen on here I also have this set, and I enjoy it very much, especially the colours The minifig is very very nice indeed. Front Overview Lastly the biggest main model the Pirate ship: I love them for the minifig and the parts make good for the money.


About this 61992 Product Identifiers Brand. Truth be told, the torso is my favorite Levo torso to date, it even has a printed backside.

Thanks, “Parrot Island” seems to grow on you I just can’t play with my Pirates, without “Parrot Island” being somewhere nearby to interfere with my Pirate and Imperial forces. The Pirate and his pet The two together: This item doesn’t belong on this page.

The main feature for this set is the unique minifig. Well enough 619 here’s a picture of the pirate in all his glory: The bright colours are also one thing that strikes me as really nice they fit into the creator and Pirate themes so well.

You may also like. The pirate in the set is really nice. A treasure chest I think. I like the brighful colours. Sign In Sign Up. I just ordered another three of them.

Since this is technically a creator set to encourage young builders to design models on their own. I’d be happy to have that unique minifig, and I always need bricks anyway. It is a treasure chest but it really does look quite a lot like a clam, maybe it some sort of organic artifact crafted by the mermaids. I bought 2, just because i think the torso of the fig is one of the best ever made, only to discover it comes with awesome parts like lime green cheeses as well!


I used the parts to make something like a fish shack. The set has three main models, but due to the parts it’s easy to build plenty of other models. The minifig and accessoires makes this set great for me. My girlfriend got me this.

Pirate Building Set | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

Well that’s what reviews are forit’s a good set for any Lego builder so you leggo be happy with it. Minifig Minifig Front Side I’m actually kind of surprised in a pleasant waythat Lego went so far as to and include a unique minifigure in a small set.

First up the brick built treasure chest. Not a bad move, I think – little children love the regular minifis, my kids are only two and they already love changing hats and hairdos. I’m actually kind of surprised in a pleasant waythat Lego went so far as to and include a unique minifigure in a small set. Sign up leto a new account in our community. The pics don’t do the new torso proper justice, it’s really fantastic with it’s golden trims and all the small details. I also like the fact that it came with 3 “diamond” jewel pieces.