LEGO set database: Test Car. Set number: ; Name: Test Car; Also known as: Test Car; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Technical; Theme. Find great deals for Lego Technic Test Car Classic Vintage RARE Set. Shop with confidence on eBay!. View LEGO instructions for Car set number to help you build these LEGO sets.

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I have the original big brother.

Headlights This is not only the first auto chassis with a body, but the front end features retractable headlights. After seeing Lego’s modern version from 3 sets ofI liked it alot, but I have no nostalgia otherwise for thewhile I do for the A little turn of that LBG bush and the seat won’t move. Click for an animation of the transmission shifting. LvdH Looking at the comments, I’ll probably make my own LDD within the next couple of days, so people can build it if they would like to.

Otherwise why would there be a lengthwise CV-joint running to the ‘diff’ which is of course not a diff? Steering The front wheels can be steered using a new wheel at the driver’s position. This was the first Lego “supercar” I build when I was about 8 years old. I think the differential – or what goes for a diff – is floating.

This addition results in very smooth turns for this model. However where the You can see in the images that the tie rod attachments are not directly behind the kingpins, but are inboard.


Adjustable seat’s maximum laid back position to keep a seat in its adjusted position I decided to use rubber 2L liftarms below the seats behind the LBG bush. Upper and lower ball joints form king pins, making this a double wishbone suspension.

But I understand there are very little options there. The “cylinders” are actually square. All four wheels have independent suspension. That was my intention, but I don’t own the part yet and after mounting the gearbox on top I couldn’t detect any play in that part anymore, so instead of breaking down the model to get that new part in there I decided to leave it as 886.

Posted March 16, levo The steering arm itself pivots on upper and lower king pins which fit into sockets in the control arms. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Folding headlight, simple but effective.

Lego 8865 Technic Test Car Classic Vintage RARE Set

Finally, a pinion drives a rack. The wheel axle passes through a pair of universal joints, then through a triplet of 16 tooth spur gears. Click the image to download the LDraw file of this model. Sign in Already have an 88655

However, 88865 couldn’t make a 10 stud wide front suspension that felt strong enough to mount the rest of the car to. Click for an animation of the rear suspension in motion.

Lego Technic Test Car Classic Vintage RARE Set | eBay

The engine is 1 stud too high in scale, but this I legl not combine lower with the suspension. Register a new account. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.


Have you any pictures of yours? Alot of people find it ugly, but I can never hate on this model.

Instructions For LEGO 8865 Car

Each pair of opposing cylinders shares a common crank pin. The engine uses the offset axle holes of the 24 tooth gears to make a crankshaft. The similarity with the original is very well done. This is the only set to ever have legk wheels in white. A lever in the cabin pushes an axle forward and back see computer image. If you wonder why I didn’t use the part of pinhoel with 2 axle ends on the driveshaft towards the gearbox.

Because it is a four bar linkage, the wheel stays perpendicular to the ground throughout its travel. A pair of longitudinal axles support each seat and allow it to translate forward and back.

The front suspension uses the new control arms parts blue and steering arms white. Folding headlight, simple but effective Adjustable seat’s maximum laid back position to keep a seat in its adjusted position I decided to use rubber 2L liftarms below the seats behind the LBG bush. Littlemy tribute to 40 years of Technic.