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The food is awful. Complete the sentences using the present perfect and a superlative adjective. I look at the world and I notice it’s turning while my guitar gently weeps. The operating system starts running the user interface as soon as the PC is switched.

Don’t switch off the TV. I always cycle to work. He eats a lot of vegetables, doesnt he? I have never met a friendlier person than Rita! What’s the weather going to be like today? These forms are often interchangeable. It will be much cheaper. Sign, edit and share PDF and Word documents online: Some stative verbs have continuous forms but there is a difference in meaning: You’ve got a meeting with Mr.


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Just think what shopping malls left. Taking a compllementar in August is common in Britain. The new law will allow supermarkets to open on Sundays. I was told that I shouldnt believe everything he says. In the end she managed His parents wouldnt allow him to buy a powerful motorbike. They made at least seventeen copies and sold them all. Have you got a train timetable?

Put a tick next to the ones that are right and correct the ones that are wrong. Would you like to come and have a look at it?

Jane’s upstairs with Anne and Roy. After that, the women li her family paint her hands and feet with henna.

You must leave the country at once People mustn’t fish in this river. When you come out of the lift, it’s the third door Rewrite the following sentences with if and the second conditional. Me, when I can afford it. What are the models in the macabre? What do you do in the afternoons?

vasp user manual pdf – PDF Files

They went away yesterday. Carol lel to keep the secret. John work in a restaurant. Michael fall off the ladder and break his left leg when he repair the roof. Save some for the future. B Answer the following questions about the text. Mr Boyle’s office is He will tell you He says that he is very sorry. Have you seen my new hat? The party was great.


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He not speak to me for over three months. She said she would never be able to do anything about herself and she was passing on bad genes. Fairweather Travel, Claude speaking. Write short paragraphs saying what you have already done and what you haven’t done yet.

She needs to begin a new life too.

Sorry, but its not OK to touch the statues and paintings. He’s feeling very pleased. State I think feel he is rich. She lives in Covent Garden near the market. On her wedding day, the bride has a milk bath.