Les nuits de Paris, ou, Le spectateur nocturne. by Restif de La Bretonne, Rétif de La Bretonne, Nicolas Edmé Restif de la Bretonne. Paris: Hachette, Très Bon État. pages. Deux cartes. Les textes de Restif De La Bretonne retenus pour ce volume reproduits d’après les éditions. Nicolas-Edme Rétif or Nicolas-Edme Restif also known as Rétif or Restif de la Bretonne, was a involved, he was apprenticed to a printer at Auxerre, and, having served his time, went to Paris. The French novelist Catherine Rihoit made Restif de la Bretonne a major character in her novel La Nuit de Varenne.

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The state began to replace priest in policing motherhood by criminalizing infanticide and abortion, male obstetricians commenced their campaign to replace midwives in the delivery of babies, and writers of tracts on onanism and producers of condoms in effect launch the commercialization of contraception.

Paperback Language of Rsetif Feb 13, Queen of France rated it really liked it. Brothel owners worked together with moneylenders and pawnbrokers to compel women to enter into the brothel to honor their debts.

However, the depth of the influence of the Nights can be assessed properly only by taken account of works which were inspired by its technique, structure, narrative strategy and concept as well.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Les nuits de Paris, ou le spectateur nocturne, vol. Mille et Une Nuit, Wet places considered to be spaces of contagion, the baths were understood not only as immoral but also as unhealthy. Restifism was for Havelock Ellis a sort of modern urban sexual condition characterized by the taste for boots, whores, and muddy streets.

University of California Press,p.

Les nuits de Paris, ou, Le spectateur nocturne

Each body has a place, each pleasure its location, each sexual service its price. Despite my worst imaginings, there is enough truth in what Restif describes to allow one to get a pretty good idea of the streets of Paris and the dangers inherent in trusting too naively in the goodness of one’s fellow man. Angian rated it did not like it Dec 17, Like many of his works, the Nuits has an autobiographical touch. We will send you an SMS containing a verification code.


Update your profile Let us wish you a happy birthday! Polity Press,p.

New disciplinary techniques for governing the sexual body in space were implemented with the pathologization of masturbation, the prohibition of interracial reproduction via the Code noir decrees of andthe hystericization and domestication of female sexuality, and the confinement and privatization of female fluids especially menstrual blood and milk within the domestic space. Aug 24, Denis rated it really liked it.

Free Shipping All orders of Jean-Louis Barrault played Restif. He produced a multitude of texts, all related to Paris and to what he could observe around him, but also dealing with sexual fantasies. Any item with “FREE Shipping” label on the search and the product detail page is eligible and contributes to your free shipping order minimum.

Content in this edit is translated from the existing German Wikipedia article at [[: Oxford University Press, Kikemalmar rated it it was ok Aug 03, A Lw of Venereology Berlin: We will get better by inflecting or destroying the narrative. Make sure to buy your groceries and daily needs Buy Now.

Les Nuits De Paris by Bretonne, Restif De La

Breetonne aim is realized in the work Les nuits de Paris, in which the framing story states that the author has wandered through the streets of Paris during Nights. Was male sexual sovereignty limited by the democratic social contract? Western patriarchy is thus founded on a necropolitical definition of destif sovereignty. Instead of banishing the undesirable in wastelands, as was the case with sovereign political techniques, working-class and nonwhite sexual workers, simultaneously feared and desired, were separated from the healthy and the law abiding by the construction of a pxris architecture ee pleasure, one that was at the same time both outside and inside the city.


Treichler, How to Have Theory in an Epidemic: Street prostitutes were forced to occupy temporary locations that took the form of bords, wooden platforms where the women were exposed to public view. The best example is probably the series of title pages, which open each book of La Paysanne pervertie. Chez Jacob le Doux, His most well-known works were his monumental autobiography, Monsieur Nicolas 16 vols.

A Medico-Forensic Studytrans. And the main character of the novel, Paris, has rarely been so mysterious, dangerous, and yet alluring. Since the damage has already been done, there is no point in looking any further for a remedy.

On the other, it shows how democratic subjugation links freedom and subjection, pleasure and terror: His first success came in with the publication of Le Paysan perverti The Perverted Peasantwhich ensured his reputation as libertine author in France but also in England and Germany, where the novel beetonne immediately translated. The state brothel worked according to a logic of spatial distribution of ;aris, capital, and pleasures.

Here is a French classic that is as puzzling as it is uneven and fascinating. Together they compose a new European narrative that establishes the modern relationships between power and pleasure, norm and sex, violence and sexuality.