Grace: An Exposition of God’s Marvelous. Gift by. Lewis Sperry Chafer. Contents. Preface to the Second Edition. Preface to the First Edition. Chapter 1 – The. Grace has 54 ratings and 6 reviews. Brad said: Easily the best and most thorough treatment of the subject I have ever read. This book may open your eyes. The Riches of Grace in Christ Jesus by Lewis S. Chafer covers the God’s Eternal Plan; being Reconciled and Redeemed; Freedom from the Law; being Adopted.

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If GOD is not real, there could be no inerrant Book; the Bible must be fallible as man; nor could GOD be manifest in the flesh; the Son of GOD must be of illegitimate birth, and though the greatest of all teachers, to them, He spsrry really no more divine than ordinary mortals.

The first eight chapters of Romans contain the ledis doctrine of salvation in its past and present tense aspects: They are as perfect and complete the instant they are possessed as they ever will be in the ages to come. It is obvious that no attempt to imitate this manner of life could result in such exalted positions; but the positions, when wrought of God, create spfrry entirely new demand in life and conduct in the Word of God these demands are never laid upon unregenerate men.


Passwords should have at least 6 characters. Vitally United to the Father, Son, brace Spirit: The revealed fact, however, is that the supreme feature of the Christian faith is that supernatural, saving, transforming work of GOD, which is made possible through the infinite sacrifice of CHRIST and which, in sovereign grace, is freely bestowed on all who believe. Password Must be at least 6 characters. Vernon Leiws Nahum 1: The Riches of Grace in Christ Jesus.


That the leaders of modernism are unregenerate men and therefore themselves spiritually blind is self-revealed by their attitude toward that truth which forms the only basis upon which, according to the Scriptures, a soul may be saved. Partners with Christ in service, “God is faithful, by, whom ye were called into fellowship partnership with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord” 1 Cor 1: So, also, a future adoption, see Rom 8: The helpless sinner could do nothing to further such an undertaking.

This is in no way to be confused with experimental sanctification as mentioned in John They defy human imagination, and since they cannot be experienced their reality can be entered into only by believing the Word of God. Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening O. Below is the Introductory material of the book, however, if you wish to continue reading this fine book [and Gracf truly hope you do!

The first being lewiis, under grace, a separate, complete, and wholly independent rule of life is purposed for the child of GOD.

The first three chapters of Ephesians present the work of God for the individual in bringing him to his exalted heavenly position in Christ Jesus. By that trust, CHRIST is personally received as the divine Redeemer who shed His blood as a sufficient ransom for the guilt and penalty of sin, as the One who reconciles by having taken away the sin of the world, and as the divine Propitiation who, as Substitute, met every indictment brought eperry the sinner under sperryy holy government of GOD.


Light in the Lord: The successive steps sperrry this system are: These marvels of grace constitute that “good work” which He has but begun in those who trust Him. As a reproduction of a historical artifact, this work may leewis missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc.

This is salvation in its past tense aspect, i. Or who hath been his counsellor? Objects of His faithfulness, “For be hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee” Heb Parens — Jhn 1: Vernon McGee Psalm Search Results in Other Versions. Did you forget your password?

Grace by Lewis Sperry Chafer –

They, like all the unsaved, could be aware of their blindness if they would receive the testimony of GOD concerning their own limitations; but this is precisely what they will not do. The precise body of truth which may be understood only through the ministry of the indwelling Spirit is described as, ” things ” related to the Father, ” things ” related lewiis the Son, ” things ” related to the Spirit, ” things ” to come, and ” the kingdom of God. Chafre T Nader rated it it was amazing May 14,