The Manitou by Graham Masterton (): He Who Devours It was a distinct pleasure to finally read this vintage mid-’70s bestselling horror. I was digging through my collection of horror novels and came across an excellent but mostly forgotten classic: Graham Masterton’s The. Editorial Reviews. Review. “A chilling tale.” —Kirkus Reviews Praise for Graham Masterton “A master of the genre.” —Rocky Mountain News “Graham Masterton.

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I was not particularly fond of the first one, finding that it went manitoh a ridiculous direction, especially in regard to how the characters planned on defeating the evil medicine man.

The story was good, but long winded. Doctors can only watch as, one by one, victims fall prey to a very unusual blood disorder. I have many more recs where those came from-but ,I realize I’m being long winded here so Still I can recommend it because of just how good it is most of the way through. It was really nice to see Harry Erskine and Singing Rock come back.

Kathleen rated it it was amazing May 14, Email required Address never made public. Dipped into mastdrton lore and legend, the reading is rich, the history and background making it all the more fascinating.

The Manitou Audiobook | Graham Masterton |

Publisher’s Summary It only grows at night. Second time reading this, but this time it seemed more silly. So, once again, he fell off my radar. This one would be a good find for you, Will, since it came out back in the s or early s.


I really enjoyed the first three and love Masterton’s books but I just couldn’t get into this one at all and so it hit the wall I’m afraid. Typical of Masterton, there are inconsistencies in how manitku book fits into the world of the “Manitou” novels.

Graham Masterton

Refresh and try again. I’m really a sucker for historical horror. Jul 15, Robert Burnett rated it really liked it. Alan, Webmaster of Horror Writers says: Misquamacus uses Mantious, essentially powerful spirits that are neither mqsterton nor evil, which belong to all entities and objects, to do his bidding and wreak vengeance on his white conquerors. In fact, it’s the only book I hadn’t read a Graham Masterton horror in over half a decade, which is odd since he was once my favourite horror author.

It wasnt as scary as the first but flew by just as fast with enough manitiu, blood and some scare to make it an enjoyable read. All great gory fun! The only real break from the formula are the Lovecraftian references towards the end “K I’m mastertno familiar with his more recent output but back in his early works, Masterton apparently couldn’t write convincing msaterton.

Recent additions such as Plague of the Manitou and the short story collection Figures of Fear have reawakened my Masterton admiration and blood lust for the delightfully macabre.


He had pretty much the same reaction I would have if I was him. Actually for me, that was just an annoying element, and it didn’t really bothered me, because I was so worked up on solving the mystery.

Although sprinkled with flaws e. This is high-octane horror and Masterton has clearly had a strong story in mind from the offset. All text except quotes is the property of Will Errickson and should not be reproduced in whole manutou in part without permission from the author. This was republished in as White Bones and soldebook copies in a month.

Masterton did his homework. Masterton wrote some pretty good horror stuff.

Looking for beautiful books? Her body and soul are being taken over by a black spirit over four centuries old. This is the third time I have read this nanitou and each time I read it I remember why I love it. Masterton’s Manitou series reminds one of the pulp fiction of yesteryear: Why does Harry go from lovable con artist to superhero, especially for someone he does not know?

In summary, Revenge is never spine-tingling, yet it is good entertainment. Burroughs Burroughs has co-author credit.